Massage handbook
International guide for massage therapists

A handbook on how to become a successful, healthy, and happy massage therapist.

I wish I could have read this book 5 years ago, because then I wouldn’t have had to learn the hard way. Csaba describes his thoughts in the smallest detail, it might even seem overly explanatory, but believe me, from these a positive overall image of a massage therapist can emerge, from which success can be born. This is what makes someone not just a good therapist, but a professional one! A lot depends on the details and this book is all about the details! It excellently summarizes what makes someone successful in this profession. As an experienced masseur, it was able to give me new advice, which I will implement as soon as possible. This should be mandatory reading for every beginner masseur! If you follow the advice in the book, your path will likely be paved with the stones of success!”

Attila Bozár - Licensed massage therapist

If you follow the advice written in the book, I guarantee that you will have more new clients, and more new clients will rebook after their massage!

I have some bad news: if you follow my guidance, you will have to learn to live with the feeling that something isn’t constantly hurting – your thumb, wrist, shoulder, waist, head.

I have more bad news for you: if you listen to what’s written in the book, you will have to think about what to do with your free time when you don’t want to work constantly. More time for the family? Perhaps more time for yourself?

“An extremely meticulous book, simply addressing every detail for those who are at the beginning of their massage therapist career and don’t know how to start, and I also recommend it to all practicing therapists, because it’s quite certain that there’s still plenty to refine in every practice, which ultimately the patient’s quality of life will thank for.”

Katalin Quastné Rigó – Molecular Biologist, Movement Therapist

I intentionally wrote the Massage handbook short, readable, easy to digest, …

…however, as simple as it is for you, there is a huge amount of work behind it. Each piece of advice was born after potentially months of research. For example, for the chapter about the dangers of essential oils, I contacted several aromatherapists and aromatherapy instructors. I wrote the book, but numerous professionals helped my work: massage therapist instructor, psychologist, dermatologist, physiotherapist, aromatperapist, and so on.


The Massage handbook is a carbon-positive product: I calculated approximately how much CO2 emission the printing process would produce, and to (over)compensate for this, I supported the planting of 10 trees with the help of MyForest.

“Even as an old fox, I welcomed your book with great affection, it contains a vast amount of useful information and advice. It’s a filling in the gaps. Thank you!”

Th. Norbert Kiséri - Life and Massage Therapist

“A must-read for every massage therapist.”

Ádám Kémeri - Massage Therapist Marketing Specialist, Founder of Növekedj Online.

Hi there,

I am Csaba Sziklai, the author of the Massage handbook. I have been working as a massage therapist since 2013, building a successful career and helping thousands of clients. The average rating of my hundreds of reviews is 5.0 out of 5.

My book original, Hungarian version is now happily owned by over 1000 colleagues. In February 2023, I introduced oncology massage to Hungary, which has been recognized in the West since 2008. My current goal is to make oncology massage a part of the training for therapeutic massage in Hungary and to improve the lives of as many clients and colleagues as possible.

You can read more about me in detail here: about me.

“If you want to become a true artist of massage, get to know it, immerse yourself in it, do it from the heart and you will become a true artist! Just like the author of this great book. A work of art that I would recommend to all massage therapist colleagues, beginners and advanced alike. It explores and answers all the questions that are present in our daily lives and form the basis of this wonderful profession.
Hospitality, communication, laying, covering, … you name it. How simple these daily rituals seem, and how often they are automatic. But do we really always pay attention to these important activities, which are essential for building trust? Read the book and you’ll get all the answers!
This well-structured, practice-oriented textbook is packed with practical knowledge that every physiotherapy and movement therapy practitioner should know. This successful product is also a niche product, as this aspect of the subject has not been analysed before. The content is well structured, easy to understand and very good reading and learning material. Throughout the author’s work, there is a sense of commitment to the profession, expertise and respect for others. His work deserves recognition and thanks for all the experiences and knowledge that the reader can gain from reading and learning from this book. I, too, thank you for the opportunity to read and review this work.”

Tamás Lengyel - Health teacher, naturopathic acupressurist, medical and sports massage therapists